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Willkommen auf meiner Seite!
Ich bin ein österreichischer Kletterer, Trainer und Routensetzer. 2017 konnte ich zum ersten Mal auf Platz 3 im Weltcup in Arco klettern!
Meine Sponsoren sind derzeit Autohaus Pirnbacher, Alpenverein Radstadt und CAMP.
Trainer: Laurenz Rudigier und Gerhard Salchegger

Zu den größten Erfolgen zählen der Doppeleuropameister im Vorstieg und Bouldern 2011, 2 Silber and 1 Bronze Medaille bei der Jugend-WM. Bestes Weltcupergebnis war der 3. Platz in Arco 2017 !
Ziele 2018: Top 5 im Weltcup, WM Finale
Welcome to my Homepage!
I'm an AUSTRIAN Worldcup-Climber, Coach and Routesetter.
My main sponsors are Autohaus Pirnbacher, Alpenverein Radstadtand CAMP.
Coach: Laurenz Rudigier and Gerhard Salchegger

Some of my greatest successes was the double european champion in Lead and Boulder 2011, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal at the World Youth Championships. Best Worldcup result was the 3rd Place in Arco 2017 ! 
Rockmaster-duel 3rd place 2016 
Targets 2018: Top 5 in Worldcup, Worldchampionship finale

Climbing Worldcup Arco

First worldcup podium in my career! There has been some competitions in Italy and France that where just fine but suddenly it worked out great and certainty kept on until finals. Motivation was high, as usual, but there must be something that took me even further. Big thanks to my dad, mom and brother who are cooperating with me in training and also helping me with my diet.                                                                                                                                                                   In the following lines I’d like to loose some words about the passed years, true principles in live and how to get a free state of mind for being able to work even better. It won’t be like usual competition summaries.



Upcoming months will continue to be difficult and thats good for me. Honestly I have to confess that I‘m working better under high pressure. Because officially it’s my last year in which I get that much support from home, that’s why you can’t climb and study for ever, so rope was pulled on tight. Right now I’m in good progress and consistency is getting better.


1st route Worldcup Arco ©Pavlo Vekla
1st route Worldcup Arco ©Pavlo Vekla


My last years, especially the time after army, around 3 years ago, it felt like being a lone wolf. Everything had to be built up again, support from outside was non-existent (I’d say even hostile), so we had to start all over again. The moment you start accepting these conditions, you begin with training. During that time I had to learn a lot, and I started to live after principles more and more.



I listed up some of them



-          Believe in something higher, but work hard for it                                                                                  


-          Take into account that great love and great achievement involve great risk                                             


-          Distrust, but do not judge (doesn’t matter how long you believe knowing someone)                                   


-          Treat people friendly as long as they counter you with kindness


-          Counter your enemy with kindness, but remember who they are


-          Treat your nearest with respect und gratefulness




So how did I start to climb with better capacity. Someone has written on facebook, that it’s great, I’ve never given up on climbing and never stopped believing in it. That was definitely a reminder! I wish all young climbers to make the same decisions, even it may be the harder road to go. So in future I'll still choose people who appreciate me as a person, who know my worst days better than I do, when I'm unkind or even adverse, and who try bringing me back to reality. These are the people that have strong characters and they are one reason why you keep on training.



So that’s what I had to share and I hope this is giving you some motivation.


Link to final and semi final:


©Heiko Wilhelm
©Heiko Wilhelm


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